2 Definitions of Classical Music

Have you ever wondered what it is that people are referring to when they talk about classical music? Do they mean all instrumental music? Music created during a particular time...

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The Lasting Impact of Classical Music

Music is an art form that’s constantly evolving, and new artists create their pieces by taking what came before and expanding it, removing from it, or simply changing parts...

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2 Famous Classical Composers with Interesting Lives

Just like modern day rock stars, the creators of lasting and famous pieces of classical music often led interesting lives. Take a look at some of the most famous classical...

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How to Appreciate Classical Music: A Guide

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What is Classical Music?

Technical, Classical music is music that was produced during the time period known as the Classical Period. But Baroque and Romantic Period music is commonly referred to as Classical music.

The Influence of Classical Music

Classical music didn't really die off, but simply evolved. Modern era music still displays influences that can be traced back to the artists of the classical era.

Famous Classical Composers

Mozart and Beethoven were two of the greatest musicians of their time, or any time. Both men led interesting lives and had a profound effect on the music world.